Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The 16th batch of Residential Workshop on Leadership begins on Friday


The 3-days residential workshop shall be conducted by world-class trainers, life coaches, and management professionals.

This is the first workshop which shall miss its stalwart and the first Dean of the Academy, PDG Major Som Dutt.

After his departure, PDG Shaju Peter has been elevated to be the Dean of the Academy.
PDG JPS Sibia, another management professional, teacher and trainer, has joined as the Associate Dean of the Academy.

We are sure that every participant shall find their stay highly meaningful, and worthy of their time.

Chandigarh awaits its Leaders

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Leadership Academy Dean PDG Major Som Dutt, passes away

Past District Governor Major Som Dutt, the dynamic first Dean of our Rotary District 3080 Leadership Academy is no more. He passed away after a prolonged illness on the night of 14th - 15th February. His colleagues, team mates in DLA, and the Rotary world gave a tearful send off yesterday, the 15th February in the electric crematorium.
As the heavy metal door closed on the mortal remains in the crematorium, it was all over. We are shocked that he is no more with us.
We shall miss his cheerful personality; his discipline; his humane personal touch in everything he did.
He would never talk about his ailment and would brush it out saying jocularly, "the doctors are unable to diagnose the problem so why worry. I don't have any problem."
A month ago when i called him up to see him, he simply laughed it off and said we shall meet sometimes later as i'm not in good shape today. Later i learnt that he was undergoing a check up in the hospital.
Every Wednesday afternoon he would climb up to the second floor office of the Academy in Rotary House in Sector 18, to preside over his team of associates to look after the conduct of every course. And would keep everyone inspired with his one liners.
Since last two months he had grown week but just a week before Associate Dean PDG Shaju Peter and Academy Coordinator Rtn B L Ramsisaria reached his home to sign the Certificates of the DLA candidates of 2016 batch, his last ones, to be presented to the pass outs at the District Conference.
Though weak and his hands shaking, he autographed those certificates with a smile that always played on his face, whenever someone discussed DLA with him.
We salute him for his grit, passion, compassion, and selfless service.
Major Som Dutt lives on in our hearts.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Making Projects Bigger Helps Create Bigger Public Image

One of the major concern of the Rotary clubs, or for that matter any NGO is, to have a better public image, a good media exposure, and recognition of the efforts.

This requires responding to community needs, or 'pain points' with specific projects that help the larger groups of people to benefit.

Polio had been a case in point. The project grew from Philippines into a larger-than-life efforts to eradicate polio from the world. And year after year, we have seen this project grow reaching out to much larger beneficiaries, responding to a cause which was a major concern of the people around the globe.

A Rotary club should look at their city and identify crying needs of the society.  If one area needs a tree cover, look for all the areas in the entire city which requires tree covers.  Talk to the local government, the horticulture departments, engage with local schools and colleges, Rotaractors and Interactors, and plan the project that would have wider impact.

Media requires news.  Story that impacts larger numbers. Story, that is of larger public interest. Story that is shared with the media at the right time.

For further help and information just send me an email, Rtn. CJ Singh,Email Me

District 3080 honours Past Rotary International President Raja Saboo

Raja, as he is fondly known, was honoured by the Rotarians of District 3080 at the Intercity 'Look Beyond' organised near Ambala (Haryana) today, to commemorate 100 years of The Rotary Foundation.

DG Raman Aneja described the occasion as the most memorable one, while the chief guest of the day PDG Kamal Sanghvi, Regional Rotary Foundation Chair remarked that this day celebrates the commitment, dedication of Rajendra K. Saboo, towards Rotary, to humanity, to the world, to his country, and more importantly, to his own self.

He is an individual who is an institution in himself, showing the way to the people to 'Look Beyond Yourself', RRFC Kamal Sanghvi said.  In his inspirational address he touched upon the topic of the joy of giving.

It was 25 years before that the Rajendra K. Saboo of RI District 3080 held the world leadership of Rotary International in 1991-92, and this special occasion was celebrated by the Rotarians of District 3080 by honouring him.

Recalling the days and especially post-nomination the expectations everyone had from being an Indian as to what would be the advantages he would bring to India, and his response at one such prestigious reception in the Parliament House, hosted by the then Secretary General of Rajya Sabha, Sudershan Agarwal, provided the basis for his theme.

Raja Saboo recalled that on being asked by everyone at the party, he had to respond that though this position would be a matter of pride for the Indians and India as a country, but having born here with the value and culture of giving to others, this position would be an opportunity for me to look beyond my ownself, for the larger humanity.

"Later, as we were returning from the reception, my wife Usha asked me 'do you know what did you say there', and recalling my speech, she suggested that 'Look Beyond Yourself' would be the perfect theme for your Rotary year," he said.

Applauding the Rotary Club of Yamunanagar for adopting a girl child of a martyred army jawan, he implored every Club to look for such families of army jawans in their vicinity and adopt the child not as a formality, but for a life-time of commitment to see to it that all her education is taken care of, so that the girl remembers that her father is still respected and remembered for his sacrifice.